Little Foot Preschool 2009-2010

We Are Little Foot Preschool

Little Foot Preschool provides a safe, creative environment for preschool-age children to learn, play, grow, interact with teachers, and make new friends.

We're always looking for new little feet to join us, and we'd love to show you why Little Foot Preschool is a foot or so above the rest.


Meet the Teachers

Get to know more about how Little Foot got its start and the amazing teachers we have helping your kids as they prepare for Kindergarten.

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It's That Fun

We've got tons of great activities every day to keep your your children involved and ready for more. Learn more about what your child experiences daily at Little Foot.

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Field Trips

We also do some amazing things outside the classroom with some amazing field trips. Parents are highly encouraged to attend enjoy these great events with us.

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